Blindspot Season 2 Download Full 480p 720p

Blindspot Season 2 Download Full 480p 720p, Blindspot S02

Blindspot Season 2 Download Full 480p 720p
Blindspot Season 2 Download Full 480p 720p

Blindspot Season 2 Download Full 480p 720p
Genres : Action, Crime, Drama
Resolution : 480p , 720p , 720p HEVC
File Type : MKV , Mp4
File Size : 150 – 300 MB
Language : English
Stars: Sullivan Stapleton, Jaimie Alexander, Rob Brown, Audrey Esparza
Rating: 7.5/10
Votes: 54,590
Runtime: 42 min min
More Info: IMDb Link
Source : Dibamovie, hastidl, film2movie
Story Line : Jane Doe is found in Times Square with no memory and mysterious tattoos on her body….

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Blindspot Season 2 Download in 480p & 720p

Blindspot Season 2Blindspot S02 All Episode

EPISODE Number 480p – Average Size 150-250 MB 720p – Average Size 300-330 MB 720p x265 – Average Size 230-300 MB 1080p x265 – Average Size 1.2 GB
Blindspot S02E01 S02E01 480p S02E01 720p S02E01 720p x265 S02E01 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E02 S02E02 480p S02E02 720p S02E02 720p x265 S02E02 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E03 S02E03 480p S02E03 720p S02E03 720p x265 S02E03 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E04 S02E04 480p S02E04 720p S02E04 720p x265 S02E04 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E05 S02E05 480p S02E05 720p S02E05 720p x265 S02E05 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E06 S02E06 480p S02E06 720p S02E06 720p x265 S02E06 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E07 S02E07 480p S02E07 720p S02E07 720p x265 S02E07 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E08 S02E08 480p S02E08 720p S02E08 720p x265 S02E08 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E09 S02E09 480p S02E09 720p S02E09 720p x265 S02E09 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E10 S02E10 480p S02E10 720p S02E10 720p x265 S02E10 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E11 S02E11 480p S02E11 720p S02E11 720p x265 S02E11 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E12 S02E12 480p S02E12 720p S02E12 720p x265 S02E12 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E13 S02E13 480p S02E13 720p x265 S02E13 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E14 S02E14 480p S02E14 720p S02E14 720p x265 S02E14 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E15 S02E15 480p S02E15 720p S02E15 720p x265 S02E15 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E16 S02E16 480p S02E16 720p S02E16 720p x265 S02E16 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E17 S02E17 480p S02E17 720p S02E17 720p x265 S02E17 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E18 S02E18 480p S02E18 720p S02E18 720p x265 S02E18 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E19 S02E19 480p S02E19 720p S02E19 720p x265 S02E19 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E20 S02E20 480p S02E20 720p S02E20 720p x265 S02E20 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E21 S02E21 480p S02E21 720p S02E21 720p x265 S02E21 1080p x265
Blindspot S02E22 S02E22 480p S02E22 720p S02E22 720p x265 S02E22 1080p x265